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Cut yourself some slack; trust that you can reset your moderation meter and recommit to your disciplined aspirations after your break is over. Balance is essential for your success. Your flowing creative juices add fun, flourish, and embellishment to whatever you touch today. Similarly, surprising a loved one with a gift brings a smile to both your faces.

Whether you snap some photos or paint a work of art, unleash your muse and set your inner child free. Lighthearted playfulness is infectious and healthy, so spread as much of it as you can. Your passionate and unconditional support for a family member or close friend helps them move mountains today. Fortunately, you can make an immense difference with a phone call or visit while sweet Venus journeys through your 4th House of Emotional Security.

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A healthy dose of doting care and kindness is a remedy you can easily provide. Sometimes, love is all the leverage you need to lift others up.

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Admission of a vulnerability clears the air between you and a person in your inner circle today. Perhaps you must break the ice with a work-spouse if tensions begin to feel like an actual marriage. Or you may be compelled to write an old-fashioned love letter to a beloved. Returning to sincerity and honesty without pretense or fear is where you and another rediscover the beauty of your connection.

Honesty is the highest form of intimacy. Boost and affirm your self-worth by rewarding yourself today.

Maybe you resolve a major problem at work, paving your way to becoming an employee of the month. Or, you simply make a yummy breakfast after reluctantly rolling out of bed. Treating yourself nicely is a wonderful example for everyone else to follow. Sweet acts of generosity are contagious.

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You may think all eyes are on you today, triggering feelings of self-consciousness. But you likely have little reason to worry about appearances, allowing you to be even bolder with your existing fashion sense. Luckily, opportunities arise that can enhance your social life now. Engage in pleasant exchanges with strangers and intimates alike at lively social events. You could derive immense gratification from performing a charitable service or helping a stranger now.

But whatever you decide to do must be from the heart while sweet Venus visits your 12th House of Soul Consciousness, and not from an obligation to look good or for reciprocal benefit. Acting from pure intentions in one area of your life possibly goads you to check whether you are as generous and caring in other relationships as well. Releasing more love into the world without strings attached not only helps you feel free, but others too.

For instance, someone who is comfortable sharing their comedic genius with you may be hesitant to cultivate their talents. You can transform a difficult situation at work into a better one with grace, manners, and positive reinforcement. Perhaps a public relations crisis with a customer or colleague presses you to play spin doctor to soothe a raging ego.


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